Jeremy Hunt the Culture Secretary backs local TV stations – Like Humber.TV?

This is good news for local people throughout the UK as we all know local is best! To have a local news station you can tune into on your laptop or PC will be very appealing even if it’s just for an hour a day.

Finding out that a new build down the road is for a local church or Bob the local charity guy has raised £2000 this year will be seen as a step forward in our eyes.

Taken from BBC website

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said plans for a new “landscape of local TV services” in the UK would help “strengthen local democracy”.

“We need to do something to stimulate investment in new media services that give a proper voice to local people,” he told BBC Radio 4′s Today Programme.

He said restrictions will be lifted on ownership of local papers, radio and TV.

In a speech later, he will discuss local broadcasting for “an hour a day”.

He will tell the Royal Television Society in London that an expansion of superfast broadband will help encourage the enterprises.

“Why shouldn’t people in Birmingham, when they’re electing the new leader of Birmingham council, be able to have the benefit of actually being able to see the people who aspire to be their leaders up close and personal?” he told the BBC.

“If we want to have a much stronger local voice we have to somehow find a way of loosening the grip of the national broadcasters in the way that other countries have managed to do very well. “

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